Suddenly it seems I might be on the verge of a book contract. My title is "The Farewell-to-My-Left-Breast Party." I like it and don't like it. I think it's hard to say. Please send me suggestions. "Cancer Bitch Tells All" no
"Cancer Bitch: My Life and Times"--no
Harvey Pekar's already got "Our Cancer Year."
"Cancer and the Jewish Problem"? (That's a variation of the punchline of a joke.)
"A Body in the City" --too general
"Cancer in the City"?--too derivative?
"Tales of a One-Breasted Jewess"--too sexual
"Cancer Made Me Lopsided"
"One in Eight"
"A Jewess in Cancerlandia"
"The Jew in the Tumor"--wait, other way around
"Flat Heart"--???
"Flat Over My Heart"--?
"Why I Refused A Cranial Prosthesis"
"Cancer Jew"
"My Year of the Crab"--not bad, though sloppy book clerks might shelve it with the low-carb stuff
"Year of the Crab"

I know, I know, I shouldn't emphasize the Jewishness because then non-Jews won't want to read it. And it's not that Jewish, anyway.

Let me hear from you. There will be a prize--either a copy of the future book or a copy of one of my current books--choose from fiction and nonfiction.