Bring on the Bs!

It's probably a good idea to take B-12, B-6 and folic acid to protect yourself from Alzheimer's, according to the New Scientist and other publications. Studies suggest that the vitamins can help. And as the Jewish lady said, It couldn't hoit.

Apres Angelina Jolie

1. It's great that she went public.
2. It's great that people are talking about breast cancer and surgery and the gene mutations. Though I cringed when I heard someone interviewed on NPR who talked about mammograms and other preventive measures. The mammogram does not prevent breast cancer! Think of it as a dental  X-ray: It tells you what's under there, but doesn't fill cavities.
3. It is scary to think of  lopping them off. She did not discuss the possibility of not having reconstruction.
4. To read about a woman's detailed experience of the prophylactic double mastectomy, see: Goodbye to Boobs.
5. If Jolie didn't have health insurance, she would be up a creek.

Without the proverbial paddle.