Good news, bad news

If you are under 50, skip this; don't worry your pretty little head.
Good news: The two polyps the doc removed yesterday are adenomas, pre-cancerous, benign.
Bad news: I need another colonoscopy in two years, same preparation (2-1/2 days of liquid diet, plus the nasty stuff to drink). Which falls in the "If we can put a man on the moon" category: Then why can't we figure out a less yucky way to investigate the colon?

Is this a cave painting or a stranger's polyp?

This just in: Dense Breasts Will Protect Your Haid

Yes, it's true. I got this brochure at Fancy Hospital. Note the smiling woman on the bicycle. She's on a bike, not wearing a helmet, and presumably has dense breasts. Therefore, dense breasts must somehow protect your head so that that you don't need a bike helmet. I mean, how could you look at the photo
& come to any other conclusion??
Brochure is from American College of Radiology & Society of Breast Imaging