Au Temps Perdu

illustration: Arthur Rackham

I am in Iowa City, where many years ago (many many) I was a graduate student in fiction in the famed Iowa Writers' Workshop. This image came to me yesterday and seems so apt: I imagine a stage, and on it walk dozens of Wendy Darlings in light blue gowns, walking back and forth, and each of them is holding a large shallow bowl full of water, and each is walking quickly yet also carefully because they don't want to spill the water because the water is their Potential.

Another reason to exercise regularly...

Those nice researchers at the Kinsey Institute found what the marketing folks would call "value added." Thanks, Dawn Turner Trice of the Tribune, for reporting on this.

Inquiry: Block cancer center

Fellow cancer folk: Have you been treated at the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in Skokie? A friend of a friend in California has stage four stomach cancer and is thinking of traveling to Block for treatment. You can describe your experience in the Comments section or email me at SLwisenberg (at)