Giving Thanks

The mesothelioma folks asked me what I'm grateful for. I told 'em:
I am most grateful for my Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance. I get it from my husband, who worked for a union as staff.
We went out for nine years before we got married, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer three years later, and with blood cancer (polycythemia vera) not much after. I had a mastectomy and chemo at a place in Chicago I call Fancy Hospital. My hematologist is also there, and I’m on a new pill for my polycythemia, called Jakafi. Retail value is more than $10,000 a month – I pay $20.

Hi, blog readers. I've moved on to other things, but sometimes ya just gotta write about being one-breasted. 

Did you click on "write about"? That's what you're supposed to do. Or you can click underneath my photo.
Underneath, or au dessous, as we say in the French, since this shows me sans sein au bord du Seine.

Cancer Bitch