People say, are you in remission? Are you OK now? They check you, right? They scan you x-ray look for cancer in your blood... right?

People are anxious. They don't want to hear that my cancer could come back. They want to know that someone is watching it, that as soon as an errant cancer cell jumps into existence, some medical exterminator will be there to wipe it out.

I'm anxious. I want that, too.

There's a blood test you can take that indicates ovarian cancer, but there's not one for breast cancer. You can take scans but the oncologist say, listen to your body, see how you feel, if you have deep bone pain, call us.

I have sore vertebrae from falling on my back in aerobics (as reported below), and that soreness is thankfully, going away.

So we sit tight. Exercise, eat well and hope for the best. And take Tamoxifen, which gobbles up the estrogen that the tumor fed on.