Aquittal and mistrial for John Edwards

John Edwards, the worst-behaving spouse of a person with breast cancer, was aquitted today on one count; a mistrial was declared on the others.  WBTV in Charlotte, NC, reports:
A low point in the testimony came when it was revealed that a very distraught Elizabeth Edwards ripped her shirt open on an airplane tarmac after she learned of the 2007 National Enquirer story about [John's] affair.
Harrison Hickman, a Democratic pollster and strategist, testified that her reaction was "volcanic."
[Andrew] Young's book reports – and others witnessed - that Elizabeth Edwards ripped open her blouse and yelled, "Look at me!"

Elizabeth Edwards died of breast cancer Dec. 7, 2010.

Look at us! Facebook said you couldn't, but just reversed its decision. This is not Elizabeth Edwards, of course, but Joanne Jackson, 40, of the UK.

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Cancer, at Age 23

This video series is about life. But life with cancer. “Since the diagnosis, my life has been a slow emergency, my world a waiting room,” wrote Suleika Jaouad. “Each month I do a round of chemotherapy, and then the doctors examine my bone marrow to determine if I’m ready for transplant.” Since late March, Ms. Jaouad has written a series of articles for Well, an blog about health and healthy living, on her leukemia diagnosis and her struggle against the disease. Her words are poignant and powerful. “Cancer has shocked and terrorized me into a wakefulness that I didn’t know existed. Now every decision, every moment feels both meaningful and fleeting.” Several videos that Ms. Jaouad did with the videographer Shayla Harris accompanied the series.

Lakewood & Byron, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Our well-traveled poppies have bloomed. They started out in Litchfield, Illinois, then a few plants went to Gary, Indiana, and now they've been in Chicago a few years. If you live on the north side, come by and admire them in person.

Embrace Your Allergies!

The New York Times refers us to Psychology Today to "The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Genius," Margie Profet (pictured above), whose articles in scientific journals claimed, among other things, that allergies expel toxins that cause cancer. Researchers at Cornell and UMass who studied other studies recently backed up her argument,  according to PT, finding. that Inverse associations with allergies are more than twice as common among cancers of the nine tissues and organ systems that interface with the external environment—mouth, throat, colon, rectum, gray matter, pancreas, skin, cervix, and lung—versus the nine that do not, including the breast and prostate gland.
Good news, aside from the question, How can you trust scientists who say that the cervix interfaces with the outside world? Do they mean via childbirth? Swimming pools? Tornadoes?  Not to mention the pancreas and colon.
And for nursing mothers, the breast does provide a link to the outside world.
Nonetheless, perhaps global warming, which has brought us an early spring and myriad allergens, is a blessing in disguise. For now.