Free offer--hand-made broadside

Cleaning my office--anybody want a broadside, hand-set type, one page with excerpt from Fakers by Paul Maliszewski on one half and my Cancer Bitch on the other? I have several.
 This broadside has nothing to do with ships. See here .

Coffee--something good that is not bad

The NYT aka Cancer Times tells us that coffee is good: for staving off dementia *and* breast cancer recurrence.

NYC area: Want to be interviewed?

Help a Reporter Out offers this (below). Note that you'll need to get to NYC on your own.

Summary: Mom Breast Cancer Survivors (in their 40s to 60s) and Their Daughters (in their 20s or 30s)

Name: Bethany Kandel SHAPE Magazine
Category: General

Email: (This means: Email Bethany at that address.)

Media Outlet: SHAPE Magazine

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 14 June


I am looking for several pairs of moms and daughters in the
tri-state area for a story about breast cancer. The mom needs to
be a breast cancer survivor (in her 40s to 60s); the daughter
should not have breast cancer but is concerned about it, due to
her mom's history. Daughters need to be in their 20's or 30's.
We are looking for stories about how each daughter deals with
her mother's diagnosis and what she has done as a result; i.e.
Does she have a special diet to stay healthy and try to avoid
getting the disease? Follow a specific exercise routine? Give up
smoking? Breast feed her babies because this is supposed to
lower risk? Get genetic testing? Earlier mammograms? etc.)
Please note: Both mom and daughter must be able to come to NYC
for a photo shoot the first or second week in July
(date to be
chosen shortly and it will be on your own dime -sorry!). Your
story and photos will be in a major health and fitness magazine.
Please send me your ages, brief outline of your story and if you
are available to be in New York then. Thank you kindly!

Video essay on Pre-vivors

Here is a video essay by Cathy Beres that reacts to Angelina's public surgery and statements:

Tuscaloosa Diary, continued

My penultimate night in T-town, as it's called. And this pops up on my Facebook wall, courtesy of Jongy Lipschutz from high school: link to gen-u-wine rebel yells!

The Food (for Thought) Truck

I dreamed last night that I had the idea of a creative-writing-mobile. We (whoever we were) were going to sell beginners bags for $10, containing Bird by Bird, lit mags, office supplies and advice. We could also have visiting writers sleep in it, if necessary, and it would be our mobile office. Again--I'm not sure what entity I was a part of. We may have had something to do with classes at Links Hall. I was thinking, too, how great it would be to drive the car to Seattle for AWP, making stops along the way, selling bags and books and having readings and classes.

my photo, Doo-Nanny, Seale, AL