When You Walk Through a Storm

I went to the Bourgeois Pig Cafe tonight and worked on my back-from-the-dead novel. Then I walked home. That's about 2 and a quarter miles. In the cold (about 20 degrees) and wind. I thought this proved that I was cured of the chemo effects, that I had my strength back. At the Pig there were some undergraduate women talking. One of them said when she went home for break her mother walked past her in the airport. Oh, said her mother, I thought you'd be thinner.

The daughter had lost 15 pounds then gained some or all of it back.

I got my cholesterol reading today. Overall it's up compared to a year ago. My HDL is slightly down from last year, and my LDL is higher. Each should be the opposite. It will take machines to make these numbers better. My mother calls her exercise her medicine that's not in a bottle. I have to think of it that way, too.