The second day of Chanukah

For those of you who are still eating Thanksgiving leftovers, it may come to you as a shock that Chanukah started last night. It's early this year. But as the joke goes (a weak joke), it's the same time every year on the Hebrew calendar, which is lunar, it's always the night of the 24th of Kislev. In some households, family members give eight gifts, one for each night of the holiday.
Wondering what to get your true love, especially if she's cancerous? And if your true love is an Ashkenazi Jew, as are 90 percent of the Jews in the US, she has a greater chance of being breast-cancerous than the non-Ashkenazim. I stole this idea from The Cancer Culture Chronicles. Go there to find other tacky items, listed under Pink Boob Award Nominees. Here is the Natural Contours Petite Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Vibrator. Why do all these pink tchotchkes have long names, like M-&-M'S(R) Brand Milk Chocolate Candies Help Fight Breast Cancer?