A blog, a blog, why a blog?

[Venus with a Mirror by Titian]

I just looked at this blog with my picture on it and thought, What in the world am I doing? Am I still running for junior high student council? (Alas, that was a sad story. My friend A helped me for about eight hours paint a very sophisticated campaign banner on brown paper, consisting of Doonesbury characters speaking favorably about my candidacy. We put it up on the cafeteria wall and then then someone tore it down. Who knows why? I think I ran because K was running and told me I should. I ran again in high school and won. And why did I do that? I had no big desire to change X or Y about the school.)

Last year my acquaintance S said, as I suppose many commentators have, that nowadays everyone is a hero to his own group of friends. We're all famous and important or want to be. Every single thing we do is important, especially the unimportant things, which we record on Facebook and Twitter. Why? Because we don't want to be insignificant. And we can't stand the idea that we're going to die. And be gone gone gone. And because it's so easy to write, I'm cleaning off my desk. I'm waiting in line. I'm inhaling. Exhaling.

On that note, I'm offering more of myself. Today I did a phone interview with KMSU in Mankato, Minnesota. To hear it, click here.