I can resist everything but temptation, St. Oscar Wilde told us. How true, how true.

But here is a list of things that I was exposed to in the last couple of days and did *not* eat or drink and then what I did eat in parens:
Class: fancy rain forest organic chocolate (sushi)
Unicorn Cafe: brownies, cookies, tiny chocolate rectangles made in the rain forest (lentil soup, latte w/ rice milk)
Bourgeois Pig: scones, cookies, bars, cake, ice cream, hot chocolate (latte, sandwich)
Frida's: cheese enchiladas w/ mole sauce (tilapia, chips, margaritas)
Barista Coffee House: scones, muffins, cakes, cookies (cucumbers, red peppers with hummos, latte)

How pathetic, how privileged. Is this interesting to anyone?
Is this like saying: Here are the people I *didn't* kill today?

I rowed today (inside) and we each did 500 meters five times as fast as possible and I was the last one rowing. Which is not the point. It is the opposite of the point, which was to be the first one finished.