I can resist everything but temptation, St. Oscar Wilde told us. How true, how true.

But here is a list of things that I was exposed to in the last couple of days and did *not* eat or drink and then what I did eat in parens:
Class: fancy rain forest organic chocolate (sushi)
Unicorn Cafe: brownies, cookies, tiny chocolate rectangles made in the rain forest (lentil soup, latte w/ rice milk)
Bourgeois Pig: scones, cookies, bars, cake, ice cream, hot chocolate (latte, sandwich)
Frida's: cheese enchiladas w/ mole sauce (tilapia, chips, margaritas)
Barista Coffee House: scones, muffins, cakes, cookies (cucumbers, red peppers with hummos, latte)

How pathetic, how privileged. Is this interesting to anyone?
Is this like saying: Here are the people I *didn't* kill today?

I rowed today (inside) and we each did 500 meters five times as fast as possible and I was the last one rowing. Which is not the point. It is the opposite of the point, which was to be the first one finished.


Jeff Epton said...

Really like this post. And, having gone back and read the one before this one, I find I like (and understand) this one even better.

And, I was further rewarded when I discovered, at the site of an even earlier post, this line, relayed to you by a colleague: "little kittens die every time I try to write a sentence."

BTW, congratulations on the Time Out Chicago cite of The Adventures of Cancer Bitch.

And a question: What's your reasoning behind displaying your posts on completely separate web pages rather than have them run in inverse chronological order on the same page? I maintain my own blog, but I haven't even begun figuring out what principles ought to guide formatting it.

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Cancer Bitch said...

Dear anonymous,
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Cancer Bitch said...

Thanks so much for reading. I don't even understand your question about the separate web pages. I am that backward. I just took the template and ran w/ it.
Thanks for TIme Out congrats.
C. Bitch

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