Thanks, Time Out

In the current issue of Time Out Chicago, Jonathan Messinger writes:
Best book for someone who likes the idea of the Oprah Book Club but thinks they’re too cool
The Adventures of Cancer Bitch by S.L. Wisenberg (University of Iowa Press, $25)
Wisenberg’s book about being diagnosed with breast cancer—culled largely from her blog of the same name—manages to dodge much of the maudlin retrospectivity of crisis or illness memoirs. Instead, the reader gets a sense of the immediate reactions and turbulent emotions experienced by a patient as news and developments filter down from doctors.
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Sam said...

Someone who "likes the idea of the Oprah Book Club but thinks they’re too cool" I like that line. Don't necessarily like the book club, but I like the line.

It's almost as good as a student I had last semester who said that what he learned from the class was that "little kittens die every time I try to write an English sentence." I was almost forced to pass him based on that sentence alone.

Cancer Bitch said...

Was he saying there was a cause and effect re: writing and kitten death? And only when he writes in English? If he wrote in Thai would Siamese cats die?

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