Mysterious Blue Lights

[Andrew Nelles photo}

Lately I noticed that some buildings in the Loop had blue lights on top and I couldn't figure out why. It couldn't be for Halloween, and I don't associate Columbus Day (Indigenous Peoples Day in Berkeley) with any color at all except maybe those of the Italian flag. Which aren't blue. After ROW practice on Monday, as we sat on the outside patio of the nearby Gem Bar (No Sam Adams, no Goose Island, we're not the North Side--said nicely) someone mentioned that the blue lights were actually were teal, for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, which is September. Then today's Trib had a piece on it. There's a fundraiser Friday night. Some of our rowers have ovarian, uterine and other cancers. Some have what's called "mets," which means their cancer has metastasized. And some still row. And some don't.


Timmy said...

The cancer can be cured if it is detected in time, disappearing give birth to the ache produced by this illness I recommend hydrocodone and lortab.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Timmy, and I bet you just happen to supply said hyrdocodone and lortab. What an accommodating creature you are, Timmy. Did Lassie detect your cancer?

Lisa said...

What an ignorant post Tim, I have friend going through breast cancer now, and lost my mother to ovarian and dad to pancreatic. My father in law to lung cancer and a very close friend just this past June to brain cancer she was only 46. My list of friends who were lost does go on but we need to Kick cancer. God bless everyone who is fighting it! Wonderful site!