Cancer Bitch in Denver

Cancer Bitch is in The Market in Denver, sitting at a round wooden table by the window. She was on two panels yesterday at the AWP conference. One was on Sick Humor, about funny writing about illness. Another was about persona, during which she spoke about using different points of view in this blog and the subsequent book.

Denver is very sunny. C Bitch has noticed that its inhabitants are very very still. Often already she has seen people on the street from afar, and has thought they were statues. She's noticed three people gesturing at the sidewalk tables outside The Market. Two have AWP name tags on. The third looked Ethnic--Latina. Ethnics--such as Latinas, Mediterranean types and Jews--are big gesturers, if she can be afforded the use of stereotypes.

Her friend B, who has lived here three years, suggests that the still people may be stoned.

There is less cell phone usage here on the street than in Chicago, and restaurant workers are slower and mellower and friendlier than in Chicago. People are more trusting, leaving their purses on the floor behind them. There is the slowness here that you would think you'd find in Berkeley or SF, but you don't.

CB is going to set up a blog with lists of humorous illness memoirs. Click here.


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Jonah said...

Well, I recognize a lot of books I've read on that list- did I recommend them?
Evan Handler's Commedy of Errors strikes me as decidedly uncomedic.

And How Are We Feeling Today? The Inpatient's Hospital Survival Guide by Kathryn Hammer should make your list. This book is truly funny but will not make anybody want to be in a hospital.

Cancer Vixen by Marisa Acocella Marchetto is not that funny but it is in comic format and it's not real grim either.

My Pet Virus: The Story of a Rebel Without a Cure by Shawn Decker is easily the funniest book I've read about HIV. He's the hemo half of the duo "Hemo and Homo" that do movie reviews.

Cancer Bitch said...

Hi Jonah,
I don't think you recommended them. I thought Handler's book was funny. C'mon, it starts out w/ a doctor who looks like Nixon.
I didn't think Vixen was funny.
Decker's book sounds good. Thanks,