It's Official

University of Iowa Press will publish Cancer Bitch next year. Subtitle to come.


Anonymous said...

As part of your public, I would prefer "Cancer Bitch," be the subtitle. "Something, something: Adventures of a Cancer Bitch"

1995, Borders on Michigan Avenue, Newt Gingrich book signing, "To Renew America."

Don: "Why did you call the First Lady a bitch?"

Newt: "I did not call her a bitch." (as he autographs my copy of his book)

Don: "I read that you called her a bitch."

Newt: I never did." (as U.S. Marshalls move Don along)

Don: "Well, what did you call her..?" (yelling, from somewhere in Business section)

The Fifty Foot Blogger said...

Congratulations! It feels strange to congratulate someone writing about cancer, but best wishes in any event.

nat said...

Wow - That is great news!

I can't wait to buy it, and read it.

Cancer Bitch said...

So what should the something, something be?