Cancer Bitch on Vacation

Cancer Bitch is writing to you from Portland, Oregon. She and Cancer Bitchusband aka L have been in Oregon for almost a week, spending five days at the coast, one of Bitchusband's favorite places, and celebrated a milestone birthday (his) there. Cancer Bitch doesn't usually get along well in The Nature, but the sea was an exception. She walked on and on along the beach, picking up sand dollars, whole and broken (mostly broken), saw a starfish (probably dead), rode with friends to Garibaldi, a little fishing town with a 101-year-old marina, to get fresh crab and tuna. She even saw the half-moon reflected on the ocean. She first saw true moon light (that she remembers) only 20 years ago, since she is a citified Cancer Bitch and mostly stays around artifically-lit places. (She has heard that there's a good recent New Yorker piece about light pollution but hadn't read it yet.) She recommends Rockaway Beach, Oregon, to all her readers, and quick, before it gets all fancified and cute. It is pretty much down home now, though condos encroach. And, thankfully, like much or all of Oregon, there is espresso everywhere.