Have you made a big change?

O, how they want us to have had epiphanies, shifts, turnabouts, makeovers, changeovers and on and on. If you happen to be one of the people who have (has? I never remember) made a big change because of breast cancer, and you'd like to be interviewed, read on:

Breast Cancer survivors

Category: General

Email: query-j5b@helpareporter.com

Media Outlet: Book

Deadline: 07:00 PM EST - 24 August


I am a cookbook author and nationally-published essayist writing
a novel centered on themes of rebuilding life after breast
cancer, I am interested interviewing breast-cancer survivors who
were inspired to make a major life change (new career, move,
etc.) because of beating their disease. Would be most interested
in speaking with people of South Asian descent. Acknowledgment
given to interviewees in published book.


Kim O'Therapy said...

A likely candidate, but she has her own book:

Anonymous said...

Awesome site, I hadn't come across cancerbitch.blogspot.com before during my searches!
Continue the wonderful work!

Lauren said...

Want to share info on your breast cancer experience also go to www.BreastCancerRegistry.org Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What you want to know is whether you're a big-endian or a little-endian... Well are you, Ms. Bitch? Are you an little-endian or a big-endian? Are you, or not?

Cancer Bitch said...

What do those mean?
C. Bitch

Dan said...
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Dan said...

(It's just computer jargon...not sure why Anonymous adopted such a hectoring tone...peculiar...)

Cancer Bitch said...

Tech term but also sounds Armenian.
-C. Bitch