Get out and row!

My rowing coach met a guy in a bar, and one thing let to another, and this is the result:
an article about ROW by the guy from the bar. It's from Gaper's Block and gets a lot across about our coach and team. Here it is.

Save the date, Sept. 11, for our fundraiser and silent auction in a Chicago gallery to be named later.

Chicago-area readers, are you breast cancer survivors? Do you want to get more active? Try rowing. If a pre-Title IX asthmatic wimp such as I can do it, you can do it. Each one according to her abilities...

Karl Marx was a southpaw. Would he have rowed starboard?


Patty O'Furniture said...

Hey CB
I have a mx next week, so will have to defer rowing for a bit. Could I be the coxswain? Not like I have any idea how to do that, but I would derive a Beavis and Butthead "heh, heh" out of every opportunity to mention my title.
As I will be otherwise occupied next week, I can't make the info meeting on NU's Continuing Education writing program. I did sign up but explained I can't attend. What's the best way to learn more? Will there be another info session in a few weeks?


Cancer Bitch said...

Hi Patty:
Well, you'd be found out soon as a faux coxswain and who knows, the rowers might be so angry that they'd throw you into the dark opaque waters of Bubbly Creek, and you wouldn't want that, would you?
There will probably be another info session in summer. You can ask me questions about the MA/MFA at wisenberg (at)

Patty O'Furniture said...

That was one other small detail I didn't mention: I can't swim. Well, not very well. Maybe I could find some water wings with racing stripes.... Thanks, I will be in touch via email.

Cancer Bitch said...

There are life preservers, though we don't wear them. But they are around. Funny that no one there ever asked me if I could swim.
C. Bitch