Good news, bad news

If you are under 50, skip this; don't worry your pretty little head.
Good news: The two polyps the doc removed yesterday are adenomas, pre-cancerous, benign.
Bad news: I need another colonoscopy in two years, same preparation (2-1/2 days of liquid diet, plus the nasty stuff to drink). Which falls in the "If we can put a man on the moon" category: Then why can't we figure out a less yucky way to investigate the colon?

Is this a cave painting or a stranger's polyp?

3 comments: said...

How could you stand 2 1/2 days of liquid? I could barely stand one. Glad for your good results, though.

Cancer Bitch said...

You don't know how many pieces of hard candy I ate. Also I have newfound admiration for Jell-O.

Anonymous said...

I've only had to do no solid foods/only liquids the day before. Same undrinkable drink though. My cousin with IBS and an expert at these things says you don't even have to finish the drink, you can stop as soon as what you're expelling is clear. She only does a day of no solid foods/only liquids too.

If I was you, I'd spend the next two years finding a different gastro. One that doesn't make you do over a day of no solid foods/only liquids.

Sign me, I once read this blog from start to finish in less than a week; it was something entertaining and heartening to do while I waited for my mastectomy. Thank you for that.