King Cotton

The astounding notion that the slavery system was a capitalistic system! I mean, did anyone ever doubt that? The slaveowners owned the means of production. It took a war for the means of production to own itself, at least in theory. But aside from that obviousness, this piece on King Cotton is worth reading. Maybe the dominant thought was that slavery was pre-capitalistic = feudalism. Well I for one think that feudalism was/is capitalism at its most raw.

                              Slave buyers in the Caribbean, from the above NYT opinion piece

An argument/short discussion with X yesterday, me, in favor of Liberation Theology (how we got to that I don't remember), he against, saying it was Marxist social justice forced upon the population by the government. I always thought the associated comunidades de base or base communities, conscious-raising groups to discuss church teachings on the poor and their own lives, came from the church. Maybe the system was encouraged by left-wing governments.But I see Liberation Theology as a way of learning you can seize some power, you don't have to wait to inherit the earth.  Here is an attack on Liberation Theology--criticizing it for dismissing Church notions of heaven, but it's worth reading. Yes, the reason I'm in favor of it is because it imagines there is no heaven. So that it is Marxist. And something Jews can work with. Because though we have notions of heaven, and there are stories of circles of heaven, and hell, and the afterlife, there is no one teaching that all branches of Judaism accept about the afterlife. Emphasis is on the world as it is. According to Reform Judaism, the afterlife is not so important. The Orthodox would not agree. And different sects of Hasidic Orthodoxy would probably have different things to say about this. I've been told by an Orthodox rabbi that I wasn't Jewish because I didn't believe that God had created the Torah before any of the events in it happened.
X and I agreed to disagree about Liberation Theology and turned to other things.