Cancer got him--but truly it was a battle

Those of us at Cancer Bitch Central do not like reading about someone's battle with cancer. But in the case of Roger Ebert, it's apt. Cancer kept snapping at him and trying to break him and stop him but he kept moving, writing and not hiding. Finally he did stop, just as he was about to enter hospice. I didn't read his online journal very much, but a friend of mine did and was touched and amazed by it.

Truly he deserves to rest in peace.


Floating Candles said...

Some of this is a little too inside baseball for me but thank you Salon and Andrew for recognizing Roger and his tremendous impact on all of us. I am not religious nor particularly given to mysticism but I read a column Roger wrote on AA a few weeks ago. It had no particular resonance with anything in my personal life but i found it interesting and his kindness and openness struck me deeply to the point where I have thought of him from time to time. I awoke yesterday evening in the middle of the night thinking of him and hoping he would be okay after hearing he was sick again. Life is strange - may this wonderful and kind man RIP.

Cancer Bitch said...

I never followed him much either but his whole saga has been quite poignant.