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I saw one or two episodes of The Big C. Now we're told that there will be one fast final season coming up--four one-hour shows. Zap2it reports: How does it end? "The final scene of the series will be very nostalgic for viewers of the show," (producer) Bicks teased. "I think it's a visually stunning moment and a very happy moment too." Co-star Gabourey Sidibe concurred without giving much away. "It was done so smartly. And really, really beautiful. It's more like a graduation than anything."

Does that mean she "dies" the way Thelma and Louise died (turning into cartoon figures who drove off the cliff and we know, from Roadrunner that cartoon characters have a million lives), in a way that told us it was just a movie, folks? Does that mean that she slowly and beautifully fades away like a Victorian heroine? Nothing messy or smelly or harsh or anguished about it?
Does she donate her organs?Who will be the commercial sponsor?
In any case, she'll never top Oscar Wilde on his deathbed: My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or other of us has got to go.
Goethe: Mehr Licht! More light! Opfen up die Vindow shutters!

                                            Alas, Ophelia; I did not know you well enough!

When Laura Linney throws off that mortal coil as Cathy-with-Cancer, you can bet that the coil will be beautiful.