Tuscaloosa Diary 2

Today I learned that A entity bought B entity to make it more white. But then I was in B and I said, I heard that you're owned by A, and a staff person said, A bought our building and we have to move out in two years. Hmm. So what does that mean?
When L was here we were walking around near downtown and there was a parky area with brown grass and the plaque said it was commemorating black businesses that used to be there. So the question is: Wouldn't it have been better to have helped the black biz stay in biz?
Yesterday I went to an office-supply store (I thought) to pick up printer cartridges I'd ordered on the phone. I couldn't find it. I called and I was two buildings away. It was downtown with a white awning and office furniture in the front window. Inside it was like Noah's ark--one representative of each office supply. (I exaggerate.) No price tags. It was sad. I imagined they rearrange the merchandise like a balding man recombs his hair, trying to cover the empty spots.
 I was also informed that the only black people who can join the X Club are university professors. Doesn't the NAACP check out things like this? It wouldn't be a big priority--it's much more important to find out if realtors (and I refuse to give them a capital R, like they demand) are discriminating.
As for the capital R, I guess I should refer to them as realty agents. Those two words are still safe from capitalization.
I moved in to my new apartment, where I'll live the rest of the semester. Two strong MFA females helped me. One lifted the big suitcase horizontally in front of her and went up the one flight. It is true what they say--many hands make light work. It is an apartment usually rented for the weekend by fans, so that it is decorated to welcome fans. It's in a 100-year-old house and has two tiled non-working fire places, high ceilings, (gray painted) wooden floors, and (white painted) molding. The color scheme is Crimson Tide--gray walls, red walls, red and black window sashes, gray ceilings, red ceilings, big red As (not for Anarchy, I don't think) painted here and there.It is very cute. A special bottle of Coca-Cola with a picture of Bear Bryant on the label, placed on top of a kitchen cabinet. Red pillows, red place mats, red bath mat, red bedsheets, red oven mitts, red dish cloths, red blankets, and red (and white, and gray) towels.
Luckily I like red. And luckily I'm a Winter
Want your own coke bottle? Order it here. And I live on Paul W. Bryant Drive.