Tuscaloosa Diary -3

Why is it, that as of 11:57am on Saturday, the New York Times still doesn't have a James Hood's news obit online or story on his death? The local paper  reported it 23 hours ago. Maybe the Times is waiting to confirm his existence.Oh, but it has been in Classifieds for a while, thanks to the AP.
Or am I missing something?
In photo: Hood and Vivian Malone, who were infamously stopped at the schoolhouse door at Bama by the notorious racist Gov. George Wallace, nearly 50 years ago. About four hours later they succeeded in enrolling, flanked by Deputy Atty. General Nicholas Katzenbach
Update: Still can't find a news obit in the NYT at 10:02 pm. I'm getting obsessed with this. Need to get back to work.