I have been abstemious in my eating: no sugar, no flours since September or so. Today I had chocolate (73 percent dark, as people in my social class are wont to require) from the city of Paree at Miz G's house. I'd gone there to report on my melancholia. What helped said melancholia was: chocolate. And deciding that I will go back to my friend S's apartment in Lafayette, IN, to keep working on my novel. At home I told L and he said, You have commitments. Of course I have commitments. But I will work around them. I got so much done in Lafayette in December. Plus took in a number of Zumba classes at the Y. It is so much easier to work there, away from everything, where it's just me and the ms. Indianer here I come. Soon.
My home away from home:


ashley said...

Glad to hear you're working on a novel. I look forward to reading it.

Cancer Bitch said...

Working on it!! I started 20 yrs ago and wanted to finish by end of 2011. It will be into 2012, but SOON.

Mathew said...

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