A cure for lymphedema?

A French doctor has pioneered the transfer of lymph nodes from the groin or other body area to the underarm in order to put a stop to lymphedema, which is the painful swelling of the arm after breast-cancer surgery. It's caused by the removal of lymph nodes, which, according to some research, isn't even necessary. Doctors are performing the surgery experimentally here. You can read more about autologous vascularized lymph node transfer here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/21/health/21lymph.html?ref=health

Note: This is not lymphoma we're talking about, which is cancer. This is "dema," as in swelling.

[Photos from mysassysleeve.com, which sells these covers to put over medically-necessary compression sleeves.]


Anonymous said...

Oh that is sure a cool sleeve. For the first time EVER, my arms were measured at my surgeon's office (new doc/orig. doc got a job at Mayo). This would be good site to bookmark just in case.
Susan C.

Cancer Bitch said...

That's so odd. My surgeon's people always measure my arm width. A friend also bought some similar sleeves at Uncle Fun's on Belmont.
C. Bitch

Anonymous said...

And here I thought it was ODD that they measured me at all when I had no symptoms. Susan C.