Still Focused on Myself

I made an appointment to see the periodontist (pere) on Wednesday because I am still in dental pain. His son did the implant but has been out of the office. I realized today that I have:
a dentist a periodontist
well two periodontists
a podiatrist
an internist
an oncology gynecologist
a plain gynecologist
a therapist
a psychiatrist
an oncologist
a hematologist
a surgeon and accompanying rotating radiologist
and I think that's it. If I were Tom Lehrer I would have already written a song about it.

[Image: one of the elements in Lehrer's song]


Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better.
BTW, today is National DNA Day.
Got any plans? I’m planning on heading over to Netflix to rent “It’s Your Molecular Structure, Charlie Brown!” Then I will pick over the 3 billion base pairs in my own DNA. I’ll match the adenine with the thymine and the cytosine with the guanine and the salt with the pepper.

Cancer Bitch said...

In college biology (for non-scientists) we got up on a stage and the a and ts and the cs and gs joined up. i assume we created a double helix, or as close to one as you can get w/ everyone standing on the same surface.
C. Bitch

Anonymous said...

Have you written about Sharsheret? Founded in November 2001, the group addresses the genetic risk of developing breast cancer in Jewish women of Ashkenazi descent, pregnancy after diagnosis, parenting, relationships and intimacy, the role of religion in daily life with cancer, and the impact of breast cancer on religious ritual and spirituality.

Cancer Bitch said...

Don't know about it. I think I know about so many resources and writers, but it always turns out that I don't.
I'll check it out.'
C. Bitch

Anonymous said...

I hope you are on the mend. I realy like the educational effort. How refreshing after all the bracelet crap!

az cancer center said...

Good one dude!! I believe even though you are not Tom, you can still write a song about it. ;-)
Stay in touch and keep updating. i love your writing style.

Northwestern MA/MFA said...
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