Scar project

I just came across this. This is one of a number of pictures of young women 18-35 who had breast cancer. The photographer is David Jay and you can find info about his book and project here.

I don't particularly love this picture with its S&M overtones (Hang 'er on the rack! It's not enough that we've sliced off her breasts!) but at least she's pretty and sexy in a Hollywood noir kind of way, and more importantly, it was the only photo from the web site that I was technically able to copy and paste.


Katherine OBrien said...

Gayle Sulik has a great post one of my pet peeve: Boobie bracelets etc.

Sulike writes: It may be fun or even empowering to feel boobies. It definitely sells a lot of t-shirts and bracelets. But it does not save lives. One third of breast cancers recur, whether they’re found accidentally, in showers, with mammograms, through BSE. One third of people who are diagnosed will eventually find themselves with a metastasis.

Cancer Bitch said...

Thanks for sending me over to her blog. For some reason, I hadn't heard of her or her book, Pink Ribbon Blues, though her work is right up my alley. I haven't kept up with bc books since my book came out.
C. Bitch

Frances Rhodes-Darwin said...

This is beautiful. I am also photographing cancer patients: ceck out We also have a facebook page with more info:!/pages/Henna-Heals/192992327402755

cancer bitch said...

Wow--your work is gorgeous.
c. bitch

siryoz0 said...

This shows hope and courage to pursue the flow of life. Very interesting indeed and I enjoyed reading your posts.

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Bobby Blackwell said...

Thank you for sharing this and leading me to the site. Everyone is contributing towards better breast cancer awareness and development. Kudos to all of you!