[Hitchens photo from Vanity Fair, by Jonas Fredwell Karlsson]

My friend S sent me the link to this post from D.G. Meyers, author of The Elephants Teach: Creative Writing Since 1880, and a person with stage four prostate cancer. He gives advice about what to say to someone with stage four, adding that saying anything is better than being out of touch. He writes: Then there were those who never even contacted me, including my own sister. Nothing quite makes you more aware of the nothingness that awaits you on the other side of Stage Four cancer.
His post begins, in turn, with quotes from Christopher Hitchens' piece in Vanity Fair about cancer etiquette. Here's the link to Miss Manners and the Big C by Hitchens.


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It's fine with me. I'm using info from another blog and another web site.

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