Cancer Bitch in the news

It's hard to complain about Pinktober (well--I want to complain about that neologism) when I'm one of the beneficiaries. The Trib picked five breast cancer memoirs to describe and listed The Adventures of Cancer Bitch first. So, get out there and buy cancer memoirs. If you don't, the [fill in the blank] will have won.


Anonymous said...

Forty thousand women will die of breast cancer this year. I've written a poem about that:

Rose are red.
Violets are blue.
Cancer is only funny when it doesn't happen to you.

FYI: Did you know only 2.3 percent ($11,000,000) of the American Cancer Society's 2009 total cancer research funding budget ($485,000,000) funds
metastatic research?

Anonymous said...

What phrase... super, magnificent idea

Lauren said...

Haha will do!

Anonymous said...

Supreme Post…Tanks 4 sharing!

Edwin Thomas said...

lol...thts right its really a bitch

Anonymous said...

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