The drug you can never quit

My dear friend D read about my nausea when I ran out of Effexor, and sent me this helpful link to Crazy Meds. CM lists: Effexor's Cons: For many people Effexor XR has the absolute worst discontinuation syndrome of an antidepressant. Effexor (venlafaxine hydrochloride) is a medication people utterly loathe to have taken. It is not uncommon for someone to fire doctors during or immediately after they quit taking Effexor XR(venlafaxine hydrochloride).

I'm trying to remember why I switched from Cymbalta. Oh, well helpful Crazy Meds is reassuring on this point: It appears as if the discontinuation syndrome for Cymbalta (duloxetine hydrochloride) is just as harsh as that of Effexor (venlafaxine) for many people. In case you're wondering what Cymbalta is for, Crazy Meds tells you that, too, in technical language: Major Depressive Disorder (i.e. feeling or like Whale Shit at the Bottom of the Ocean) - approved 4 August, 2004.
Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain - approved 7 September 2004.

And if you happen to type the URL incorrectly, you get this very technical notice: The file you were looking for is just an illusion created by the devil.

As are most things.


Kim O'Therapy said...

Certain antidepressants can interfere with Tamoxifen and related breast cancer drugs; Effexor doesn't so is often prescribed both for its antidepressant qualities as well for help with hot flashes...

Cancer Bitch said...

Yes, that's why I got off Zoloft, I think. It's all a big blur. The oncologists met last year and looked at a big American study and a smaller Dutch one. The Dutch one said that Prozac and others did NOT get in the way of Tamoxifen; the American said otherwise.
If Effexor is moderating my hot flashes, I'd hate to see how sweaty I'd be w/o it.
C. Bitch.

Kim O'Therapy said...

I am having radiation and therefore can't use regular antipersperant (i.e., one with metals in it). Let's just say with this weather I am one Sweaty Betty.... I would hate to add hot flashes to the mix, thank God I haven't got them (yet)!

Cancer Bitch said...

There are medicines to reduce sweating, but I'm hesitant to add more drugs to the mix.
C. Bitch

Anonymous said...

Another HORRIFIC drug that gives you never-ending withdrawal symptoms is Zyprexa. It is essentially a bipolar/schizo drug but used a lot (as in my case) for severe anxiety. Its been 6 months and I swear, I am still going through withdrawal......or maybe its just the anxiety maxing out. Susan C.