Lynn Redgrave, 1943-2010

Lynn Redgrave has died of metastatic breast cancer. The photo on the left is by her daughter Annabel Clark, August 2003, after surgery, chemo and radiation.
Here's a link to a post from Ms. magazine blog, which includes a list of her films.

She wrote a book about her cancer experience, which was published with her daughter's photos. In 2005 they were interviwed by CNN's Paula Zahn:

ZAHN: You were much more troubled by losing your hair than your breast?

REDGRAVE: I really was. I think if I'd been younger, the breast would have been more of an issue. It is still strange to only have one. I didn't have reconstruction. One of them is one of those wonderful prosthetics. I've gotten used to that.

While going through chemo, she never missed a performance.

[Photo below of Redgrave by daughter Annabel Clark after surgery, with drains, January 2003]