MRI Results

I got the results of the MRI. I'm clean. It's clean. Or however you say it. People keep asking if I get scanned for cancer lurking in my body. I guess this is the closest I've gotten. Aside from mammograms, but people don't want to hear that mammograms are all that's protecting me from a relapse. Though mammograms are not protection, per se. The Pinks have brain-washed everyone to believe that mammograms can somehow keep cancer at bay. Early detection is good, but it is what it is: a way to show that cancer is there, early on, when it can be treated and there's more of a chance of survival. Prevention is important, even more important, but it's much less concrete than a mammography machine. Where does prevention start? At conception? Gestation? Birth? Puberty? At the first food eaten and drink drunk and air breathed? And every one thereafter? And much as I like to blame everything on our military-industrial complex, I have to admit that breast cancer is an old, old disease, pre-dating by many centuries Blake's dark Satanic Mills.

A new Facebook friend who went to high school with me asked why so many people in our class have or had cancer. I didn't know that our numbers were so high. He's getting back to me. We grew up in a polluted city, Houston, where we had mosquito fogging every summer. So how were we different from anyone else in the population? Does he know something about the school building itself? We shall see.

[a two-breasted MRI image, Boca Radiology Group]

There is no cancer in the family. L had two spots on his face removed last week. He just found out today that they're something that doesn't have a name, and which isn't cancer.