Don't hit me!

Used to be if you claimed that you got cancer because you were hit there (wherever on the body there was), people would scoff. Now researchers are looking into the possibility that a blow or wound could lead to cancer, and paying special attention to the cells around tumors. If the cells are weak, they allow the cancer to spread. You can read about new respect for old ideas here in the New York Times.


Paddy O'Furniture said...

Not sure re the hitting. Grew up when corporal punishment prevailed and no sign of colon cancer. Yet.

As someone with MBC, I keep an eye out for that news. I see you doc pops up in this one from the Trib. As MBC goes, this is a good article, but as far as No Evidence of Disease... Hmmm. It implies "cured" which I doubt is actually the case.,0,3224150.story

Anonymous said...

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Jonah said...

Breast cancer happens less frequently in women who breastfeed (and specifically in the breasts used for that purpose) and I know that babies bite and otherwise bruise the breasts that feed them... so if hitting or biting or otherwise bruising breasts was a very risky thing to do to them in terms of cancer, you'd expect women who'd breastfed to have more breast cancer.

Anonymous said...

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