More progress

I picked L up from the hospital this morning. He was standing outside Fancy Hospital, not in a wheelchair. He is doing fine but has restrictions on swimming, bicycling, driving, picking things up and the like.

I had my six-month mammogram and surgeon-appt. today. Everything is fine. Which means that the slightly suspicious calcifications on my right breast haven't changed, and that I made another appointment for January.

I realized today that the new mammogram area has a theme. There are four "suites," each named after a tree species. And the big key rings for your locker are giant green leaves! I was in Cedar/Dogwood.

I asked the mammographer why they separated people who've had breast cancer from people who haven't, and she said they don't. I'd thought that was the case last time I was there, and wondered why. Were they afraid we'd scare the innocent ones? On the other hand, we would be a shining example of people who'd had cancer and were still well enough to come to the hospital to get our breasts smushed severely. The mammographer said that people getting diagnostic mammos are in one place, and those people have often had cancer. So there is no conspiracy. How disappointing.