Don't throw that old bra away!

Above is a fabric piece, In Memory of My Breasts, by Marcia Ginsberg, using old bras. It is part of an exhibit, The Healing Power of Art, opening on Thursday in Highland Park, Illinois, at The Art Center. If you're the practical type, you could use your old bras to make a plethora of useful things: yarmulkes, knee pads (especially for gardening so you can pose for photos of the Survivor Who Is Happy and Cured and Gardening Just to Prove It), face masks to protect against the flu formerly known as Swine, ear warmers (best to use the bras that attach in the front), bookends (stiffen with starch or glue), cat toy, dog toy, dog shoes. And if you're inspired you might want to sew up a toy out of underpants:

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