Local public service announcements

Saturday, March 14, Loyola Water Tower Campus: Ethical Journalism in a Digital World, brought to you by the Chicago Headline Club and Poynter Institute. $5 for students and $25 for nonmembers. All details here.

Golan’s Moving and Storage Inc. will pick up your cell phones, printers, cartridges, scanners, hard drives, and old light bulbs for free and bring them to the City of Chicago Computer Recycling Facility during the weeks of March 23rd and April 20th.
No TVS, a/cs, dehumidifiers. No more than 5 items will be picked up from a single location Cook County only. To set this up, email recycle@golansmoving.com.

Inspired by Thoreau (above), my former student Steve Jordan has led some students at Mundelein High School on a quest for voluntary simplicity. Use the internet to see them on TV talking about plans to give up the internet.

Anne Basye, another former student, has published a journal about her similar quest.