Bye, bye, Blago

And so we have a new governor, a more stable one, though he's been known for years as a gadfly.
When Eichmann was on trial in Jerusalem, the joke was that the worst sentence he could get was to live in Israel without proteksia (connections, patronage, contacts).
I think Blagojevich's sentence should be that he has to spend the rest of his life in Springfield, or Springpatch, as L and his colleagues call it.
Our ex-guv hated going to Springfield--it's as if he didn't know that was the capital when he ran for the office. He explained that he needed to spend time in Chicago because that's where his family was. (Apparently they couldn't travel to the capital, either.)
The very worst would be if he had to eat horseshoes for the rest of his life.
Horseshoes are a Springfield delicacy: toast topped with meat, french fried potatoes, cheese sauce and who knows what else.


Anonymous said...

We have a new governor.

We still have the same state legislature.

We still have the same Cook County government.

We still have the same Chicago Government.

That goodness we also still have the same U.S. Attorney. Perhaps there is still hope?

Cancer Bitch said...

The question is: Who's the lt. gov. now?

Blogger said...

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