Suddenly it seems I might be on the verge of a book contract. My title is "The Farewell-to-My-Left-Breast Party." I like it and don't like it. I think it's hard to say. Please send me suggestions. "Cancer Bitch Tells All" no
"Cancer Bitch: My Life and Times"--no
Harvey Pekar's already got "Our Cancer Year."
"Cancer and the Jewish Problem"? (That's a variation of the punchline of a joke.)
"A Body in the City" --too general
"Cancer in the City"?--too derivative?
"Tales of a One-Breasted Jewess"--too sexual
"Cancer Made Me Lopsided"
"One in Eight"
"A Jewess in Cancerlandia"
"The Jew in the Tumor"--wait, other way around
"Flat Heart"--???
"Flat Over My Heart"--?
"Why I Refused A Cranial Prosthesis"
"Cancer Jew"
"My Year of the Crab"--not bad, though sloppy book clerks might shelve it with the low-carb stuff
"Year of the Crab"

I know, I know, I shouldn't emphasize the Jewishness because then non-Jews won't want to read it. And it's not that Jewish, anyway.

Let me hear from you. There will be a prize--either a copy of the future book or a copy of one of my current books--choose from fiction and nonfiction.


Claudia said...

I like two headings from your blog, either of which could work as a book title:

"Cancer Bitch Turns a Corner and Runs Into a Wall"

"A Cancer Bitch Behaving Badly"

Anonymous said...

I like What's Eating Me.

Would have more suggestions, but off to a Bar Mitzvah this morning. Sigh. I'd so much rather be doing something spiritual today than going to temple, but sometimes our lives are not our own.

nat said...

From double to single... breasted

I like "cancer made me lopsided"

Oh, and many of us non-Jews do read Jewish stuff too... ;) It is not 'off putting' and it it something that adds wonderful layers for the reader.
Those of us who don't have breast cancer, read books about breast cancer.

Consider using a title and a sub title.

I can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Cancer Bitch's Blog
~Susan Coster (winwithsc@comcast.net)

LaurieK said...

When i was experiencing a despairing moment about writing I consulted with my favorite Rabbi/writer . After words of wisdom he added, Laurie if you want to write a best seller all you need is the word Kabblah and carbohydrates in the title. So I pass this wisdom to you. How about Cancer bitch's thoughts on Kabblah and Carbohydrates. You can't go wrong.

jessica handler said...

Mazel tov on the pending contract. For title, I like "flat over my heart," but I also just like something having to do with Cancer Bitch.

What do I know. My best title ever was a pun in Yiddish.

Anonymous said...

Hey CB, that's so great about the potential book deal!! You go!

I have to agree about not stressing the Jewish part in the title, not so much because it won't attract non-Jews, but mainly because that isn't a major theme in the story.

I love just plain ol'"Farewell to my Left Breast!" Or simply "Cancer Bitch." It's the editor in me...

Here's a few ideas, based largely on several post titles and some "brainstorming" (and inspiration from some already-posted and brilliant suggestions here!) ...

War Wounds
The Left Side
Losing Lefty
The Left Shall Rise Again
Waiting for Lefty
Henna Head
The Henna-Headed One-Breasted Girl and Other Tales of Cancer
Cancer Grrl (though that may be too 90s)

Looking forward to reading more!

Hope all's well,

PS: Love the New Year tiara, etc!

T. said...

I vote for "Cancer Bitch."
Concise, sharp, to-the-point.

The Fifty Foot Blogger said...

Congrats on the book deal!

Here's my attempt:

Cancer Bitch: Or, how a nice Jewish girl lost a breast and got an attitude.

T. said...

How about:


Jodi Cohen said...

Take my breast--please!

Anonymous said...

I think you should turn it into a "how-to" book. Those always sell well. "The 7 Highly Effective Habits of the Cancer Bitch?" "Who Moved My Boob?" "What Color is My Chemo?" Think it over.

Jonah said...

I don't know, but I think that the cover should show the title as a message on a head.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cancer Bitch: I was diagnosed with breast cancer exactly five months after you (May 16, 2007). I am in Chicago and a graduate student at Not-So-Fancy University being treated at Not-So-Fancy Hospital. You've been a several steps ahead of me all the way and I wanted to say that your blog has been really wonderful. Funny, and if you have cancer, also informative. I relate to much.

Anyway, by way of a LONG introduction, I wanted to put my vote in for a title. I say, many of those suggested are just too too. I say, stick to your original guns (simple, clean, information, general enough):

Cancer Bitch: One Feminist's Report on Her Breast Cancer

Good luck. c