What a Friend We Have in Cheeses?*

I mentioned yesterday that I was looking for organic whey powder at Whole Foods. The oncology nutritionist said to have more protein (I don't remember if this had to do with both cancer and losing weight, or just the latter.). She suggested whey. I've been mixing it with organic yogurt and organic ground flax seeds for breakfast for a couple of months. Then I started worrying that the whey might contain recombinant bovine growth hormones (rBGH), which are exactly what I don't need. Nobody needs them, but cancer bitches with estrogen-positive tumors really don't . Monday the supplement gal at Whole Foods said that none of the store's dairy products contains BGH and that the brand of whey that I buy, Jarrow, is very clean. (I had my doubts; Whole Foods is pretty waffly about whether its U.S. cheeses contain rBGH.) Jarrow's web site says that the goats that provide the company's goat milk protein are free range and hormone free. Jarrow doesn't make the same claim for its cows. You'd think if the cattle herd is leading a free and pure existence, the company would be sure to let us know. Monday night I wrote for more info. Today, Tuesday, I received a response from Jarrow: "Thanks for your inquiry. Our goat milk protein would be the only choice because growth hormones are not used in goat milk production. We are unable to know for sure with cow's milk whey protein because there is no accurate test that can distinguish between what is natural and what is synthetic. You might look for organic whey protein, which cannot contain GH by law."
I have looked for organic whey protein and haven't found it. I will have to order the goat protein.

So the gal at Whole Foods was wrong. Caveat cancer bitches.

Another option, theoretically, is to ingest organic hemp protein powder, which is readily available. But have you ever seen unflavored hemp protein powder? It looks like henna. I mixed it with yogurt and couldn't eat it. It's dark green. If you live in the Chicago area and would like a nearly-unused jar of hemp protein, gratis, let me know.

*This is apparently a common misapprehension and parody of the hymn. My friend Jennifer Berman has a cartoon that doubles the pun. The cartoon show a couple of people walking towards some bottles of juice (with arms and legs) trying to foist pictures of cheese onto passersby. One person says to another, "Oh no. More juice for Cheeses."


Anonymous said...

I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I am a two-time breast cancer survivor having had it discovered it Dec.2000 and July 2004. The first time i had it I had the whole chemo thing and radiation but the 2nd time i had it I only needed radiation and didn't have to lose my hair again. You are so brave to go "bald." I usually wore a scarf. I also had a wig which I wore maybe 7 times. The wig sellers try to sell you more than one saying that insurance will pay for them but of course they don't! Thank Goodness i bought only one.
~ Susan Coster winwithsc@comcast.net

Cancer Bitch said...

Thanks. You mean they try to sell you multiple "cranial prosthethes"? That is the weirdest euphemism. I'm sorry you had to go through it twice. I'm lucky I didn't have to do radiation.
--Cancer Bitch

Anonymous said...

Cranial prostheses. Oh, to have been alive during the French Revolution. I could have made a fortune.

Anonymous said...

I completed radiation a month ago and have enjoyed your blog. I too am estrogen positive and have changed the foods I eat and products I purchase. Whey Healthier is a soy free organic powder sold by www.mercolal.com. I changed to this product (and many others) after reading your posts.

Cancer Bitch said...

Thanks. I just checked it. Doesn't come in non-flavored, though. Hmmm. Is vanilla sweet?
--Cancer Bitch

Anonymous said...

I found 2 sources of oragnic whey with a qucik Google search:
btw check for cancer treatment info based on science that most doctors will NOT tell you

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

Hey, CB...Yep, Dr. Mercola has the whey protein you're looking for. Organic, grass fed moo cows, along with pro-serum and other goodies. Just get the vanilla, tho. The chocolate and strawberry are weak and gross tasting. At least with the vanilla you can make your own flavors.

Also, chia seeds (organic). Full of omega 3 and plenty protein. I add it to a smoothie or just take a tablespoon then follow it with lots of water. They swell to nine times their size, so don't let any hang around the throat.

Hope this helps.

(just another bitch)

Anonymous said...

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Tom said...

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Unknown said...

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