Go, Cancer Bitch, Go

This is from my friend L (not husband L), who was inspired by Go, Dog, Go!, which she recently purchased as a gift.

(With apologies to P.D. Eastman)

"Go, Cancer Bitch, Go!"

Here's Cancer Bitch.
Bark, Bitch, Bark.
Go, Cancer Bitch, Go!
Cancer Bitch gives a good-bye breast party.
Dip, Bitch, Dip.
Here are red bitches and blue bitches and green bitches.
Dip, Dip, Dip!
Cancer Bitch wants a wig.
---Do you like my wigs?
---No, I do not like your wigs!
--Good-bye.Cancer Bitch sees Elizabeth Edwards.
---Do you like my husband?
---No, I do not like your husband.
Here are Bitches at a reading of Cancer Bitch's book.
Here are Bitches at a workshop with Cancer Bitch.
There are blue bitches writing, red bitches laughing and green bitches crying.
Here's Elizabeth Edwards again.
---Do you like my husband now?
---No, I do not like your husband!
---Cancer Bitch starts a blog.
Crab, Bitch, crab.
Go, Cancer Bitch, Go!