When a Double Negative is a Positive

The nurse at the Breast Center called me yesterday at 4:55pm to check to see if anyone had gotten back to me after my SATURDAY call about the drain leaking. That's customer service for you. She did drop me some news: the the sentinel node was indeed negative, absolutely positively negative, after the final tests. So that means that the cancer hasn't gone into my lymph nodes. They still do chemo to make sure any tiny little bitty cancers haven't escaped. So a double negative is a positive. (Except in cancer talk, positive is negative. We'll ignore that right now.)

The old story about the college classroom where the professor is saying that in some languages a double positive is a negative but not in English. A slouchy guy in back mumbles, Yeah, yeah.

The Committee (L, my mother and me) meets at 1.15 today with the surgeon to get the final pathology report and so on. The nurse yesterday said I'm still draining too much to have the tubes removed. Which is the major pain. Alas. Imagine having two soda straws stuck into holes under your arm for six days.


Anonymous said...

I don't have no comments for this one. I'm confident you certainly don't have cancer, but you still have treatments to make sure it's not coming back. Is that positive?

Mr. Cantor said...

Sandy this seems like such good news, such as it is. While it is completely ridiculous to be happy that someone is going to be poisoned and perhaps irradiated after loosing a precious part of her body, I'm glad that you've bitch slapped the cancer at this point (to use a misogynous term.) I'm so glad that you are writing and letting the world know what you are going through. When I first learned of your cancer I was so angry. I'm still angry that you have to go through all this, but I am so inspired by your courageous, rational and eloquent plodding through obstacle after obstacle. There appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel which is most likely not a train. Shechianu, vekiemanu, la-zman ha-F*#%'n-zeh.