Wet Spot

I woke up way way too early this morning with a wet spot around my underarm. After investigation, I found that I was leaking at the incision, where the tube starts. I looked for any phone number in my paperwork and found what turned out to be a general, useless number on a Saturday. Then I called the Breast Center. Just voice mail. Then I call the ER and the person there said either to come in or (when I asked) to get my regular doctor to fix it. I called my regular doctor and she said she could probably do it but I should page my surgeon. Duh. So I did and she called right back and said it was normal, just put gauze around it, it didn't matter how it was draining just that it was draining, and there might be a clot (or clog?) in the tube and to make sure to strip it.

Sometime during the night I'd taken off my Soviet camisole and ace bandage. I don't remember removing either. Maybe I dislodged the tube during my unconscious unbanding. So I will do as the doctor says and then go back to sleep to get my requisite 14 hours.