Giving Thanks

The mesothelioma folks asked me what I'm grateful for. I told 'em:
I am most grateful for my Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance. I get it from my husband, who worked for a union as staff.
We went out for nine years before we got married, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer three years later, and with blood cancer (polycythemia vera) not much after. I had a mastectomy and chemo at a place in Chicago I call Fancy Hospital. My hematologist is also there, and I’m on a new pill for my polycythemia, called Jakafi. Retail value is more than $10,000 a month – I pay $20.


Unknown said...

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Saqib Khawaja said...

Its very tough for the person who is surviving with such a disease and not only him/her but his/her loved ones as well. i had a friend who was suffering from cancer as well. Chemotherapy is toughest part of the treatment which he was dealing with and it was so sad to see his hair loss. i wish there won't be any disease for any one in this world. that would be amazing as heaven.

Amarendra Alapati said...

Thanks for posting this.tell us more about cancer