Aquittal and mistrial for John Edwards

John Edwards, the worst-behaving spouse of a person with breast cancer, was aquitted today on one count; a mistrial was declared on the others.  WBTV in Charlotte, NC, reports:
A low point in the testimony came when it was revealed that a very distraught Elizabeth Edwards ripped her shirt open on an airplane tarmac after she learned of the 2007 National Enquirer story about [John's] affair.
Harrison Hickman, a Democratic pollster and strategist, testified that her reaction was "volcanic."
[Andrew] Young's book reports – and others witnessed - that Elizabeth Edwards ripped open her blouse and yelled, "Look at me!"

Elizabeth Edwards died of breast cancer Dec. 7, 2010.

Look at us! Facebook said you couldn't, but just reversed its decision. This is not Elizabeth Edwards, of course, but Joanne Jackson, 40, of the UK.