News flash: Hot flashes are good! Or at least not bad for you!

Is it hot in here?

A new study of menopausal women shows that hot flashes aren't all bad. We found that women who experienced symptoms when they began menopause had fewer cardiovascular events than those who experienced hot flashes late in menopause or not at all, says endocrinologist Emily Szmuilowicz, lead author of a study that will be published in the June issue of Menopause magazine. (For some reason, unlike AARP, Menopause magazine doesn't automatically find you when you're at that age.) You can read an abstract of the paper, titled “Vasomotor symptoms and cardiovascular events in postmenopausal women” here. Or the Northwestern Memorial Hospital press release, which is easier to absorb, here.

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Sara Williams said...

My mum tells me the old wives tale which is "every hot flush is worth a hundred pounds"

I also read a study which says that those on tamoxifen and getting hot flushes are less likely to have a re-occurance of BC

Cancer Bitch said...

A hundred pounds as in weight or in money? Yes, hot flashes/flushes are an indication that the tamoxifen is working (by interfering w/ estrogen absorption). I don't mind the flashes so much, but it's the sweating and sometimes after I've been walking about 30 minutes, I get a flash and then am weak for about 5 minutes.
C. Bitch

Anonymous said...

Must ask....if you are in perimenapause is your "Menopause" magazine delivered at random???

Cancer Bitch said...

No, in perimenopause you receive a trial subscription.
C. Bitch

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That is good news at least.The bad news or ill health in one sense lessening the chances of yet another killing disease.

Northwestern MA/MFA said...

A zen koan:
Ill health lessens the chances of killing disease.

Anonymous said...


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hot flashes said...

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