But I date myself...

The clock radio went off this morning and soon a notice came on about an upcoming special on the life of Daniel Schorr, who died last week at 93. I'd promised myself I would write four pages when I got up so I rushed to my office across the hall, and used a staple-puller to open up a cassette tape. I was about to put it in the boom box to record the special when I realized: I can listen to this online later.

What century was I still living in?

My only excuse is that I'd just woken up.

I did get bits of the special, which is worth listening to. Find the link here to Dan Schorr Memorial Special. I would love to live as long and work as long and be as productive and honorable and wise as Schorr.


Lauren said...

Thinking to record to the cassette tape is showing some serious signs of dedication. I feel like I have to listen to it now. Thanks for sharing the link!

Susan Messer said...

I loved the story he told about standing on a dike in Holland during the devastating flood of the 1950s (1953?) and yelling to the farmers on the other side that the water was rising and they should evacuate.
"Where are we to go?" they called back. "This is our home. We'd rather drown here." (or something like that).

He did have an amazing life. Thanks for mentioning it.

Anonymous said...

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