Compare and contrast

Very quickly, now:
In Sofia, the trash bins on the sidewalk are rusty metal. In Budapest they're nice plastic lined with plastic bags. In Berlin they're plastic with jokey stuff printed on them, such as: Corpus fur alle Delicti.
There are stray dogs and cats in Sofia. Each belongs more or less to a street and people on the street feed them. In winter, said T, the cats come inside. Some people have private dogs, which they walk, but the leashes can be rope.
A story I heard on my travels:
Once there was a cat who peed in the neighbor's flowerbeds. The neighbor didn't like the cat or its smell. So the neighbor trapped it in a cat box.
I asked the same thing. The neighbor got a handyman to make the trap. The cat was caught, then driven far away and let out.
I think this is terrible but I laughed anyway.
What did the cat owners say? Where did they think the cat went?
The cat/trapper doesn't know because they don't speak to one another.

In the US we wouldn't do anything like that. Instead, people catch stray dogs and cats and sell them to labs. /laboratories, not labrador retrievers.

My keyboard has an accent.